Some motorhomes have an external gas port for using a barbecue. While this is convenient, it is important to observe some extra precautions when using such a device. Using an external gas cylinder to supply gas to the caravan through this port is not recommended or permitted on Camping & Caravan Club Sites or at Club events for safety reasons.

All cooking that uses a naked flame must be done in an area with adequate protection from flammable material. In the Club’s opinion no barbecue, using the caravan supply or with its own cylinder, should be used in an awning because of problems of ventilation, carbon monoxide build up, smoke inhalation and fire safety.

Make sure the supply hose is located away from area where people walk and only an approved length of hose is used. Remember that a gas barbecue can use a lot of gas and it may be advisable not to use other gas appliances at the same time. Your caravan handbook should give advice on this point.