Cylinders and Regulators

Larger cylinders suitable for motorhome and caravan use can come in a range of sizes and colours according to their source, but the two Calor types still predominate – red cylinders containing propane and blue cylinders filled with butane. Until September 2003, caravans and motorhomes used a different regulator depending on which gas was being used to provide the appropriate operating pressures, 28mbar (millibar) for butane and 37mbar for propane. Some units from continental Europe use different pressures, up to 50mbar.

Since September 2003 a European standard (EN 1949) has made the supply pressure the same for both gases throughout the EU at 30mbar. While pre-2003 units still require different regulators depending on the gas used, all current UK-built caravans run at 30mbar, and this figure should be marked in the gas locker near to the regulator.

The table shows the types of cylinders most commonly found in the UK and their weights and dimensions. Other makes may be found in different regions of the UK, but you will not always be able to exchange them outside the region. Larger sizes are available, but only for domestic use.

The Camping & Caravn Club does not permit the use of any cylinder stored outside a gas locker over 15kg capacity on Club Sites or at Club events because of safety concerns. Ideally, cylinders should be stored in the unit’s gas locker. Gas cylinders must always be transported and secured in a vertical position, as lying them down may cause liquid LPG to escape through the valve and become a large volume of combustible gas.

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