Driving Licences

  • Basic driving licences (category B) gained since 1 January 1997 provide an entitlement to drive a vehicle with a MAM of up to 3,500kg
  • Driving licences gained before 1 January 1997 include category C1, which enables you to drive larger motorhomes with a MAM up to 7,500kg
  • If you have category C1 licence entitlement gained with a pre-1997 driving licence, this will be lost when you reach the age of 70 unless you specifically reapply for a licence with this entitlement and submit a  D2 form and a medical report form D4
  • Drivers who passed their driving test in 1997 or later who wish to drive a motorhome with a MAM exceeding 3,500kg need to take another test to gain further entitlements. In most cases the same drivers will also need to take an additional test if they wish to tow a trailer with a MAM in excess of 750kg.

Motorhomes with MAM over 3,500kg can sometimes be down-rated to permit them to be driven by a category B licence holder. However, such down rating can only be permitted if the lower MAM rating is practical for use on the road. Refer to SV Tech’s website for further information.