Load and Speed

All tyres are marked with a series of codes to tell you the maximum load they can carry and their maximum speed rating.

Many vehicles are equipped with tyres with a speed rating considerably higher than the legal limits – if a speed rating is lower than the legal limit then the tyre’s limit takes precedent. Note: A tyre’s speed symbol is also an indicator of its performance under cornering, acceleration and braking.

Vehicle tyres are often supplied with a load carrying capacity in excess of the maximum permitted for the chassis. Rather like having a high speed rating, this is a useful surplus capacity to have. When you are looking for replacement tyres seek advice from the suppliers, and avoid going to a lower speed or load index unless you are sure the tyres can still cope with your demands. Taking a tyre beyond its weight limit is overloading which renders the vehicle illegal and potentially unsafe.

The highest speed allowed for towing in this country is 60mph but can be higher in some other countries. The weight of a motorhome dictates the speed limits that should be adhered to.