Refillable Cylinders

Refilling an existing cylinder rather than replacing it seems a good idea, but there are many practical, safety and legal issues involved. Only authorised LPG depots are allowed to do this and you cannot do it yourself with a conventional cylinder. There are some cylinders that are designed to be refilled by the user. For example, the Gaslow and Gas It system allows refilling from the Autogas pump at fuel stations.

In this system you purchase a special cylinder, which has a steel hose connected to an automotive type filler. This is fitted into the bodywork of your unit and accepts the LPG delivery nozzle at fuel stations. As with LPG-powered cars, adapters are needed for filling in continental Europe. Availability of Autogas varies considerably within the continent. Safefill provide a freestanding system which can be filled at many Autogas retailers.

All systems should have an inbuilt cut-off system ensures filling the cylinder cannot exceed the important limit of no more than 80 per cent full (to allow sufficient space for the LPG to expand) and an overpressure release valve and a form of contents gauge are also provided. It is important to remember you are dealing with a fuel delivery system under considerable pressure so some care is needed for safe operation. Follow the instructions carefully. Users report that some fuel stations refuse to allow caravanners to refill in this way.

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