Safety First

An annual service is essential for safety. Look out for the Approved Workshop logo

Safety must be the priority and we recommend an annual service carried out by a workshop in the Approved Workshop Scheme (AWS). 

The scheme details what is required for a good service and is appropriate for caravans and the habitation area of motorhomes. For motorhomes a base vehicle service is also recommended with an appropriate garage. Many Approved Workshops will also be able to undertake the requirements for checking the road-worthiness of a trailer tent or folding camper, or you could use a National Trailer and Towing Association (NTTA) trailer specialist.

It should be noted that a standard AWS service does not include a fridge service, which may be a requirement of the fridge manufacturer. Nor does it include a full inspection of any 230V electrical system, which is recommended to be undertaken every three years, although it is not a legal requirement.

If you can arrange for a service to be undertaken just before the start of the season this is ideal. However, if service schedules relating to your warranty conditions dictate otherwise, it is worth undertaking the following checks before setting off.

Please note these self-checks do not replace the need for an annual service by experts.

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