Some important safety factors to consider

To enjoy your motorhome leisure time to the full it is worth investing some time before a trip to promote safe and trouble free conditions. This Data Sheet covers many of the safety and legal aspects of motorhome use that should help keep you safe on the road at home and abroad. References are provided to other sources of information that expand on some of the topics covered.

The base vehicle

At the heart of road safety is a safe vehicle and for this it is essential for an annual service to be carried out. The manufacturer’s recommendations for checks and replacements should always be observed.

Recommendations always include the normal owner checks on things such as oil, water and tyre pressure levels. While all checks are important, motorhome owners need to take particular care over tyre pressure and condition because in most cases motorhomes will be loaded up to or close to their maximum weight limits.

Tyre checks

  • Replace tyres showing signs of cracking or bulging
  • Uneven signs of wear should be checked out with a tyre specialist, delay may result in premature tyre failure
  • Use a good quality pressure gauge to check tyre pressures (when cold) regularly. Under inflation or over inflation can reduce tyre life and may impair road holding and braking
  • The vehicle handbook should show the correct tyre pressures. Where there is any doubt, especially where the tyres have been changed from the original specification, check with the tyre manufacturer
  • Do not forget the spare wheel pressure (if supplied)
  • Tyres have a limited life irrespective of mileage. For leisure units that spend a substantial time stationary, replacement of tyres after a maximum of seven years is recommended. Check the date-mark on the tyre for the date of manufacture.

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