Most motorhomes have the capacity to tow a trailer but there are legal restraints involving the motorhome manufacturer’s towing limits and the type of driving licence you hold.

Towing a car on a trailer may be best when driving in Europe

There are several safety issues

  • Correct towbar. It is a legal requirement for towbars fitted to modern (type approved) motorhomes to comply with EU Directive 94/20 or Regulation 55. Motorhomes built before type approval came into existence are not required to have a type approved towbar fitted but one should always be used if it is available. Any motorhome registered in the UK after 29 October 2012 may only use a towbar that complies with Regulation 55.
  • Correct fitting. Electrical circuits in modern motorhomes are complex and the use of a specialist towbar fitter with the Quality Secured Accreditation of the National Trailer and Towing Association is recommended.
  • Annual checks. When the annual service for your base vehicle is due ensure either your garage or a towbar specialist checks the towbar for security of attachment and for signs of corrosion. Since 2009 the towbar has been subject to inspection as part of the MOT.
  • A-frames. The use of an A-frame to tow a small car behind a motorhome is generally accepted by the authorities in the UK if it is designed to conform to trailer regulations, but not neccarsarly in mainland Europe. If in any doubt use a purpose built vehicle trailer. Further information is available from the Department for Transport at and in our Data Sheet #25 Towing with a motorhome.

Advise your insurer

Adding a towbar to your motorhome is classed as a modification that must be declared to the vehicle’s insurance provider. If you use The Camping and Caravanning Club’s Club Care insurance provider you will automatically be covered. Other insurance companies may make an additional charge. Your vehicle’s insurance will then cover you for any third party damage while you are towing. You will need separate insurance to cover the trailer and anything it is transporting against damage, fire and theft.

Some insurance companies need to be advised specifically what you intend to tow (trailer, car on A-frame or car transporter, for example). The type of towing that most often proves a problem with insurance companies is A-frame towing. If you plan to do this, check with your motorhome insurer and the insurer of the car first.

For additional information on current UK towing laws, you can check out this article from Go Compare:

Click on the image above or HERE to view.

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