Weighty Matters

As can be seen in the chart, many cylinders have a significant weight and this must be considered when loading a caravan or motorhome. Most gas lockers are in the front of a caravan and will affect the noseweight of the unit. So gas cylinders and anything else you add comes out of the user payload.

In general a high noseweight brings improved stability, but there are limits fixed by both towcar and caravan manufacturers that must not be exceeded. For example, carrying two full 6kg Calor cylinders (a common fitting) add almost 28kg to the noseweight. If this proves to be a problem and you need to transport the cylinders elsewhere, they must be properly secured.
The Club does not recommend carrying gas cylinders in the car, but if this must be done they should always be kept upright and secured in place. One alternative may be to use cylinders from the range of lighter ones such as Gaslight (formally BP Gas Lite) and Calor.

When the new regulators were introduced in 2003, the UK opted to use bulkhead-mounted regulators rather than the previous cylinder-mounted versions. These can be used in Europe where a local cylinder can be connected to the exiting regulator using a suitable flexible high-pressure pipe, or – pigtail – with an appropriate adaptor.